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100g Colombia Finca La Negrita - Victor Gallo



  • ¥15,000

  • 細挽き


  • 中挽き


  • 粗挽き


Finca La Negrita Region: Tolima, Colombia Altitude: 2000m Varietal: Victor Gallo Processing: Nitrogen Flushed Maceration + Natural Drying Farm Story: Finca La Negrita is located in Tolima, Colombia, which is also surrounded by mountains and sitting on a valley. This unique micro climate condition secures moisture and warmth for coffees to grow. Farm owner Marucio, who is a medical doctor, named the farm after his lovely wife, and works in the farm with full knowledge that he has in medical field. He is constantly being innovative with continuous experiments to innovate his production, both in farming and processing. He is truly a unique farmer, as he cups every single lot of his production and modifies process lot by lot. It’s he himself loving coffees so much that he pursues his coffees to be the best coffees in the world. Processing: Marucio takes many knowledge of medical understanding into processing. He first sanitized cherries to remove ant foreign bacterias before fermentation, then placed cherries in sealed tanks. He flushed Nitrogen into the tank twice during fermentation to fully remove carbonic acid, which he explained to be sour and astringent. The fermentation lasted for 2 days, and cherries were moved to dark room for drying that lasted for 8 weeks. Marucio explained that it could help protect cell structure to preserve best intensity and flavor clarity. Varietal: Victor Gallo: Victor Gallo is an Ethiopian heirloom first brought to Panama to plant with Hartman family, which was named as Chicho Gallo. The varietal was then brought to Marucio’s farm and then named as Victor Gallo. It brings out delicate body and intense floral characters.