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200g Kenya Ruru JH Natural



  • ¥4,500

  • 細挽き


  • 中挽き


  • 粗挽き


Kenya Ruru JH Natural Kenya Ruru Factory Region: Nyeri, Kenya Altitude: 1870-1900m Varietal: SL28/SL34/ Batian Process: JH Natural Size: AA Background Story: ・Ruru in Nyeri Kenya This is the third year we work with Ruru Wet Mill in Nyeri, Kenya. Teaming up with Jake Hu from Taster’s Coffee, we set up new fermentation recipes in the wet mill and named the lots “JH.” Ruru the wet mill was an abandoned factory in Nyeri, as most of the farmers couldn’t make enough money to have a sustainable business module. Starting from 2020, Tri-Up set up a collaboration project, with farmers delivering the premium quality cherries in prime ripeness and got paid on site with 80% more than market price. This not only guaranteed more cash and instant paid, but also ensured a better quality. Ruru factory then processed the cherries in natural or special process to increase the value for Ruru. With this special project, the farmers worked with Ruru factory has increased from 180 in 2020 to over 600 in 2022. ・JH Process JH process is a fermentation practice focusing on elevating terroir flavors rather than just fermenting coffees. Therefore, while setting up the recipe, we aimed to preserve the flavors of Currant and Winey notes, which were the signature from Ruru wet mill. In addition, we then have subtle stonefruits characters and beautiful creamy body from the help of fermentation. This coffee was whole cherry fermented in barrels for 6 days, while PH level, brix and temperature were carefully controlled. After fermentation, we then moved the cherries on to indoor raised beds for drying of 5 weeks, finished with whole cherry stored in grain pro for one month resting.