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50g Ecuador La Papaya TIM Washed Mejorado



  • ¥6,000

  • 細挽き


  • 中挽き


  • 粗挽き


Ecuador La Papaya TIM Washed Region: Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador Altitude: 1900-2100m Varietal: Typica Mejorado Process: TIM Washed Mejorado Harvest: 2022 / 08 Producer: Juan Peña ・La Papaya Hacienda La Papaya is a farm in Saraguro Loja with a long history. The farm has existed for a long time, but only until the recent decade of time that it has changed to a coffee farm. The current farm owner Juan, who holds a degree in agronomy has put in many detailed practice into farming. One of the most unique parts of the farm is that Juan took the idea of monitoring diabetes, he implemented chips and sensors in every single row in the farm to monitor the soil condition and nutrition for the coffee trees. He then collected all this data and turned into flavor profile control for consistency. ・TIM Washed Mejorado Although Mejorado is called Typica Mejorado, it is now proved that Mejorado is actually a hybrid varietal between bourbon and Ethiopian Heriloom.Therefore, we can expect delicate flavor profiles like Ethiopian but also showcasing great sweetness and body like a bourbon. The TIM washed is a process collaborated with La Papaya last year. We collected microbes around the farm from coffee trees and raised the microbes separately then fermented together with coffee cherries. During the fermentation, we added in mosto, the fermentation liquid from previous batches, to increase microbes numbers to intensify flavor profiles. This batch was fermented 5 days in the tank, then depulped and rinsed with water to clean out mucilage, and moved to indoor resided beds to dry for 20 days.