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200g Ethiopia Special Fermentation Hambella



  • ¥9,000

  • 細挽き


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  • 粗挽き


【Champion lot】 ジャパンサイフォニストチャンピオンシップ2022にてMel Coffee Roastersが提供させて頂き、見事優勝したロットです! Ethiopia Special Fermentation Hambella Altitude: 2300-2400m Varietal: 74110/74112 Process: Special Fermentation TIM EF Natural Region: Dimtu, Hambella, Guji, Ethiopia taste : passion fruit , Grape , Justine, pineapple パッションフルーツ,グレープ,ジャスミン,パイナップル History of Wate: Wate is located in Hambella, Guji. Though it’s in Guji, it’s actually very close to another well known region - Yirgacheffe, with only about 70km away. Wate is a young washing station, starting from the season 2019/2020.In Wate, we collected cherries from local farmers which most of them are with farms at the altitude of 2250-2450. However, this specific lot is with cherries at higher altitude, from 2300m to 2400m. The station is equipped with many advanced processing machineries, allowing us to proceed many special processing. TIM Series: TIM stands for Terroir Intensified Maceration. Just as its name, we aim to bring out the most the Terroir can offer, including varietal and microbes. With TIM series, we want to make most of the process based on the varietals. That being said, all processes are designed to bring out attributes to help the varietals’ profiles. This specific lot EF underwent special two stage fermentation, which first focused on raising lactic bacteria to enhance acidity and body then focused on producing complex flavor profiles in the later part of the fermentation. First, we strictly selected cherries over Brix level 23 before processing, ensuring even after fermentation, we still have enough sugar in the beans to get good balance in cup after roasting. Then we quickly rinsed the cherries to ensure clarity. Coffee was then fermented in sealed tank with higher PH and lower temperature start for 8 days, then followed low oxygen fermentation in tank at lower PH for 4 more days. After fermentation, we then moved cherries onto raised beds to dry at one single layer and agitated for 3 times a day for 30 days.