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200g Honduras El Puente Special fermentation Geisha



  • ¥13,050

  • 細挽き


  • 中挽き


  • 粗挽き


【Champion lot】 ジャパンサイフォニストチャンピオンシップ2022にてMel Coffee Roastersが提供させて頂き、見事優勝したロットです! Honduras El Puente TIM Natural Geisha ホンデュラス エルプエンテ ゲイシャ 【Caballero family】 1550-1650m Marcala Geisha Varietal TIM Natural (Mosto Innovation) Sweet red grape, juicy , sweet mandarin orange, スイートレッドグレープ,ジューシー,スイートマンダリンオレンジ Marysabel and Moises are the founders of the legendary farm El Puente.We started working with Caballero family 3 years ago, with the first and the last visit in 2019. Although with only a few days visit in Marcala, we fully understood why Caballero family was such a successful coffee producing family. The details in the farm and the care imputed were simply amazing. The farm has 15 different planting plots, every one of which has unique terroir and provides completely different environment for coffees. Majority of the plantation in El Puente is Catuai, and has focused on the washed process. However, in the recent years, Moises has started new processing techniques and worked on a more diversified product lines. Also, in the past two years, we had started more fermentation practices with Moises. This lot of geisha was special one with mosto fermentation. Mosto means juice, specifically from the liquid from previous fermentation. With this specific lot, we introduced mosto in fermentation, this helps us to have a more efficient fermentation and get the results we are looking for while preserving more sweetness in the coffees. This coffee was first picked and sorted by hand, then fermented in seal tanks full with mosto. The fermetnation underwent 8 days in the tank with temperature controlled of 22 degrees Celsius. After fermentation, coffees were then placed on raised beds under shades with agitation 5 times a day for 5 weeks. Both us and Caballero family are very happy with this approach and its result. This special coffee at the end only resulted in 50kg green and is an absolute gem. In this coffee, you can find apricot and floral notes from geisha and some tropical fruit mix from fermentation. The flavor spectrum is very wide and change according to the roast. This is a pleasant coffee to play around with. TIM Series: TIM stands for Terroir Intensified Maceration. Just as its name, we aim to bring out the most the Terroir can offer, including varietal and microbes. With TIM series, we want to make most of the process based on the varietals.