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¥3,500 税込


  • ¥3,500

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【COLOMBIA NICOLAS GEISHA】 コロンビア ニコラス ゲイシャ フローラルで優しい蜂蜜やジャスミン、とても綺麗で甘いロットです。 発酵槽にて30時間、その後2回洗いをおこない丁寧に乾燥工程に入ります。スクリーンサイズは15+のゲイシャ種です。ニコラスさんはこの他にも3種類ほど違う品種も育てています。 COUNTRY Colombia MUNICIPALITY Herrera DEPARTMENT Tolima VARIETIES GEISHA ALTITUDE 1,700 MASL HARVEST First semester: January to July Second semester: November and December PROCESSING METHOD Selective harvest, fermentation with water for 30 hours and washes two times DRYING METHOD Dried on Casa Heldas PREPARATION Excelso EP Screen 15+ SCA Specialty Grade. SHADE Carbonero Nicolas Hernández has been producing coffee for his entire life. In fact, he is part of the group of coffee growers who have been working with Caravela for over a decade. Nicolas comes from atraditional coffee growing family, and for the past decade, he has been able to see that producing specialty coffee is worth the effort. “I’ve been able to improve my life standards thanks to the great prices I’ve received. Honestly, I can’t even think on selling my coffee to the commercial market or even outside of Caravela because it’s a shame to lose the access to amazing premiums.” says Nicolas. Nicolas still remembers the first day that he delivered a AAA coffee, “I never thought that six months later I was going to receive an extra premium for that coffee! I did not expect it, until one day they called me telling me to pass by and pick up some money. It made my day.” That motivated him to continue working towards a better quality. Over the years, Nicolas has learned to carry out better practices on the farm to become more sustainable and to maintain and improve the quality of his coffee. Nicolas has shown and demonstrated to be fully committed to the quality of his coffee, he is always willing to continue improving and to innovate.